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How to Get to Sleep Flow Chart - LindsayBraman.com

First Peek at my Latest Project

Hey everyone, I'm excited to show you an early and very rough first draft of the new project that I'm ...
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Sketchnote: Genogram Symbol Key

When I took the class on family therapy in grad school, I fell in love with the visual language of ...
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S study hack for writing academic research paper in less time

My Quick and Dirty Hack for Writing an Academic Research Paper

Research papers are one of the most time-consuming parts of school. When I went back to school after 10 years ...
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how to make a simple doodle of a mother and child

Growing Your Visual Vocabulary: How to Draw a Mother Holding a Baby

In last week's post I introduced readers to a concept called a "visual vocabulary". In this installment of this series on ...
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Bullet Journal Travel Layout

Bullet Style Travel Journal – Free Printable Layout

Travel journalling is HARD. Every time I try to keep a regular journal on the road I give up- it's ...
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How to Make a Time-Saving Bullet Journal Stencil Template

One of the best parts about bullets journaling is that your bullet journal can take whatever shape you need it ...
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Good group leadership requires vulnerability- but how can a leader be vulnerable in a way that empowers others?

Group Therapy Sketchnote: How Good Leaders Model Vulnerability

Preparing for print a selection of my psychology sketchnotes for  my Patreon subscribers each month has been a fun experiment ...
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How to draw a brain

Growing Your Visual Vocabulary: How to a Draw Brain

The truth is, the majority of people who are "artists" have a limited ability to reach into their visual memory ...
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New Ideas for Art Therapy Group Prompts

This is a continuously updated post about art therapy* prompts and activities for groups. To my knowledge, these are new ideas ...
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Using Doodles and Sketchnotes for Study and Test Prep

Memorization can be frustrating but is sometimes necessary. As much as I want my education to be a process of ...
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