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tips for drawing digitally with a Surface Pro

4 Tips for Digital Drawing and Illustration on a Surface Pro 4 and 6

As an artist accustomed to trying and sketching on paper, adapting to a digital format has been a challenge. Though ...
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Listening Well: On Being Impacted by Others (Sketchnote)

I've noticed a recent trend in culture towards the co-opting of mindfulness for the for-profit beast of the "wellness" industry ...
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Tips for Connecting with Teens as a Helping Professional

In response to often being lectured at instead of listened to, struggling teens may use apathy and resistance to gain ...
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Patreon Bootcamp – Sketchnotes on Building Support for Creative Sustainability

I got to go to a Patreon Bootcamp in Seattle this week, where I was really inspired to help my ...
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Dogsitting Illustrated

My favorite part of dogsitting is getting to know the pup well enough to capture their personality in a doodle ...
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Sketchnote: Starting Points for Counselors Conducting a First Session

This one's for all the interns starting this month. My internship-assigned mentor gave me a bulleted list of things that ...
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Sketchnotes: Healthy Adults are Independent *and* Dependent

Healthy adults are independent AND dependent. Most of us have anxiety as we shift between what we fear is dependency ...
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How to Get to Sleep Flow Chart - LindsayBraman.com

First Peek at my Latest Project

Hey everyone, I'm excited to show you an early and very rough first draft of the new project that I'm ...
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Sketchnote: Genogram Symbol Key

When I took the class on family therapy in grad school, I fell in love with the visual language of ...
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S study hack for writing academic research paper in less time

My Quick and Dirty Hack for Writing an Academic Research Paper

Research papers are one of the most time-consuming parts of school. When I went back to school after 10 years ...
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