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Therapy can seem mysterious. Even if you’ve read a lot about therapy or heard friends talk about going to therapy, meeting with the therapist the first time can often be intimidating. For some people, this foreignness can contribute to delaying or not getting the care they know they need. In this section, I’ve collected resources meant to help demystify therapy, therapists, and the therapeutic process- so we can all get a little more comfortable thinking about, talking about, and getting the care we need.

What to Say When You Don’t Know What to Say in Therapy

Sometimes, even if you really like your therapist, it can be really difficult to talk in therapy. Silence can be uncomfortable, but silence can tell us a lot about ourselves and our relationship with the person we are silent with. When you don’t know what to say, or feel at a loss for words, here’s an illustrated guide to 5 things you can do instead.

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About Therapy

From the outside, psychotherapy can look pretty mysterious. For individuals reaching out to connect with a therapist for the first time,navigating therapy can seem like …

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