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If You Sprinkle: Stewardship of Public Spaces + Social Justice

If You Sprinkle: Stewardship of Public Spaces + Social Justice

Social justice makes the news when it’s grand gestures, but the impact individuals can have on cultural shifts in social justice starts with ordinary stewardship of the impact our words and actions have on other people. This kind of work begins when we begin to mindfully consider how other bodies engage the everyday privileges we have access to, and how our actions might impact their ability to use those resources.

Publish restrooms aren’t fun or chic topic to blog about, but all of us have had the experience of “noping out” of a public bathroom because it was just too gross to use. If desperate, perhaps we took some effort to clean things up, piled a layer of protective toilet paper on vulnerable surfaces, or maybe just hovered. But what if we didn’t have the physical ability to do either? Should only bodies that are able to clean, cover surfaces, or squat have access to relieve themselves?

Making sure we leave a public restroom in the same – or better – condition than we found it is a way to help ensure all bodies have access to the basic facilities those of us in able bodies are able to use.

The text of this image reads: “if you sprinkle when you tinkle please don’t assume that other bodies have the privilege of squatting or the physical ability to clean up your urine.”

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