About Therapy

From the outside, psychotherapy can look pretty mysterious. For individuals reaching out to connect with a therapist for the first time,navigating therapy can seem like a sea of unknown. Even simple questions like how to start therapy can feel overwhelming.

In an effort to make this information available in easy to understand and visual-thinker friendly format, I’ve collected a number of infographics and therapy-related doodles below. Great for learning more about therapy and how to navigate it – whether you’re just starting or months into the process.

Trauma Recovery: A Visual Model

Trauma Therapy Even as someone who has studied trauma therapy for years, I often find it difficult to describe just how trauma therapy works and what someone can expect from…

Therapy Is Hard

Therapy is hard work. It’s ok if a therapy session leaves you sad, shaken up, or exhausted. If, however, you find therapy sessions pushing you into a dark place where…

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