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I’m Lindsay.

I’m a Seattle-based artist, therapist, educator, and visual translator working to help make mental health education accessible to everyone.

As I doodled my way through a Masters in Counseling Psychology, I discovered that the way I visualize information is a little different. With practice and encouragement, I found my niche as a mental health illustrator. Learn more about me and my clinical practice as a therapist.

Let’s Create Something Together.

My work is made possible through Patreon- a resource for crowdfunding artists and creators. Through a $5/mo membership, you’ll get access to my entire portfolio, support sustainable creation of more resources, and fund my ability to provide free resources to those most in need.

Products Available on Amazon Prime:

A therapist-designed activity book created to help kids process COVID-19 and thrive beyond quarantine

Kid’s Activity Book for COVID Resilience

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Emotion Sensation Feeling Wheel Therapy Office Pillow

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Mindful Grounding Activities Card Deck

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Crisis plan tearaway worksheets

Crisis Plan Notebook with Tearaway Worksheets

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We’re all visual thinkers.

From our earliest moments, we learn about ourselves, others, and the world around us through visual cues. I believe art can help make mental health education more accessible- and that accessible resources are a step towards making connections, demystifying therapy, and helping us all care a little better for ourselves and others.